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Spetses Summerhouse — Divercity Architects

Spetses Summerhouse

This striking summer house on the Greek island of Spetses was originally designed by an Austrian architect in the 1970s. Minimal and bohemian, the layout was completely open-plan apart from the bedrooms. The owners invited us to extend, upgrade, and reconfigure the house, defining new living spaces and adding a swimming pool and pool house. We decided to celebrate the vintage aesthetic while bringing the house up to date.

The low-rise, open-plan residence didn’t even have a front door. Embracing this sense of wide open space, we added a lattice doorway and canopies that reiterate the exposed stone walls. Painted vivid white, the rough stone walls are a textured canvas for light and shadow throughout the day. Cut-out screens are also used to differentiate spaces and filter the intense sunlight inside the house.

Two is Company, an interior design studio based in Athens, created a full range of custom furniture for the residence. Combining mid-century influences and classical elements, the result is a home with a retro vibe that stays true to its Greek island setting. Since life here is lived outdoors, we added expansive pool terraces and oriented the outdoor furniture towards the views.



Spetses, Greece
Complete, 2012
Lighting Designer
Alkistis Skarlatou
Furniture Design
Divercity Architects & Two is Company
Cathy Cunliffe