Divercity Architects is an architecture and interior design studio with offices in London (RIBA Chartered Practice) and Athens. Our international portfolio includes hotels and restaurants, private residences, apartments and offices, student housing and cultural institutions. Our award-winning designs have been published worldwide.

Delight in surprise. Our name comes from our openness to a multitude of influences and our curiosity about contemporary urban living. We embrace the power of technical innovation to take architecture in new directions, both in terms of how we imagine space and use modern materials.

A sense of place. Our ideas are grounded in respect for local heritage and craftsmanship. Rigorous research allows us to develop strong design concepts that make sense in their particular physical and cultural context.

Every building tells a story. From Mykonos to St Moritz, the Argentine pampas to the Algarve, every project is a journey into new landscapes and lifestyles that inform and inspire our ideas. What threads our practice together is a narrative-driven approach to space that engages all the senses.

One size does not fit all. Never formulaic, our buildings are designed for people with a strong sense of identity and individuality. We don’t impose a particular style on our clients. This collaborative attitude is reflected in the diversity of our work. We listen to your aspirations, reveal possibilities, and then develop the most effective blueprint to build your dream.

Beautifully designed, brilliantly executed. Project management matters as much to us as creative thinking. We get just as excited about building materials and budgets, as sketches and scale models. We make things simple for our clients, pulling all the elements together into a disciplined and clear process to see everything through from concept to construction.

Built to last. We define sustainability as environmentally sensitive architecture that can adapt to change. What matters most is how people will inhabit and interact with the buildings we create. This three-dimensional thinking translates into dynamic spaces that make an impact, but always serve a purpose.