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Patras Student Housing — Divercity Architects

Patras Student Housing

This student housing project is located in the repurposed headquarters of The Greek Telecommunications Company (OTE) in Patras, a major port city with a sizeable student population. Built in 1953, long before mobile phones and even landlines were ubiquitous, it was a vital communications hub and meeting place for locals. Our design for this 50-key student residence transforms the building into a vibrant focal point for the younger generation.

While the external frame was preserved, the core of the building was hollowed out to create a three-storey atrium that can be reconfigured in multiple ways. This layout, with rooms radiating around an internal courtyard, is typical of Greek townhouses and well-suited to communal student life. The ground floor is surrounded by a covered walkway reminiscent of Patras’ characteristic arcades, a welcoming transition between the halls of residence and the dense urban grid. A new roof garden provides extra space for studying, socialising, outdoor screenings and workshops.

Patras, Greece
Concept Design, 2016
Divercity Architects & Trac
Structural Engineer
George Zissimatos
Services Engineer
Dimitris Tabakas