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This Show Is About Divercity — Divercity Architects

This Show Is About Divercity

This Show Is About Divercity marked the 10th anniversary of our architecture practice’s creative journey, presented through our formative projects, processes and experiences. Held at The Benaki Museum, one of Athens’ major cultural institutions, and organised in collaboration with the Hellenic Institute of Architecture, the exhibition invited visitors to interact with and explore ideas about contemporary architecture, spatial experience, place and memory. In this, the show encouraged visitors to consider the implicit connections between building and context, the experiential and the imaginary, the past and the future and the perceived and the real.

Curated by Divercity Architects and editor, writer and architect Ellie Stathaki, the exhibition highlighted key examples of our international portfolio of concept-driven designs and explored how buildings are often like the tip of an iceberg; their calm, flawless facade concealing an enormous volume of design studies, research materials, narratives, memories and the expectations of their creators. The selection of work, including hotels, residences, cultural and commercial spaces and landscape projects, uncovered the themes, processes and contrasts that have defined our conceptual, yet deeply grounded approach to architecture.

Athens, Greece
Complete, 2014
The Hellenic Institute of Architecture & The Benaki Museum
Divercity Architects & Ellie Stathaki
Stavros Martinos
Divercity Architects, Stavros Martinos, Ellie Stathaki & Manolis Stavrakis
Graphic Design
Chrysostomos Naselos
Copy Editor
Rachel Howard
Pletsas K. & Kardari Z.