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Santorini Resort — Divercity Architects

Santorini Resort

The Santorini Resort is a combination of a renovation and the design of an entirely new plot. While the renovation upgrades the existing area by completely reorganising all buildings and public spaces, the new plot adds another 30 modern villas to the project. In reference to the staggered traditional architecture of Santorini, this new plot creates a built landscape of nested villas that follow the slope of the natural ground. Each one is arranged around a protected private terrace which provides shaded areas, a pool and views over parts of the island down to the Mediterranean Sea. Using the local and traditional idea of creating wide walls, the facade of each villa operates as furniture. Much more than just a partition, it can be used and inhabited from either side and creates a special transition between the inside and outside.

Santorini, Greece
Developed Design
Athenaem & Intercontinental Hotels Group
Divercity Architects & Mplusm
Space Consultant
Sophia Vantaraki